July 2014 edition of The Lateral Line is now available:
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Five Day Short Course
Sediment Transport in Stream Assessment and Design

July 28 –Aug 1,2014 in Logan,UT

Cost:$1850 ($1600 Early Bird Special if Registered Before June 1st)

This course is intended for those who wish to understand and apply the principles of sediment transport to alluvial channel assessment and design. Principles of open channel flow and sediment transport are combined with watershed hydrologic and sediment source analysis to place channel assessment and design in the appropriate context. Tools for estimating sediment supply at the watershed to reach level are applied in class exercises. Threshold and alluvial channel design methods are presented along with guidelines for assessing and incorporating uncertainty. The course balances advance reading,lecture,field work,and hands-on exercises for estimating sediment supply,calculating sediment transport rates,and forecasting channel response to water and sediment supply. This course is intended for participants who are familiar with basic principles of river geomorphology. Topics include:

• Assessment of sediment sources and sinks using historic data, remote sensing,and field observations
• Threshold and alluvial channel models with guidelines for assessment and design incorporating uncertainty
• Sediment transport calculations: challenges and methods, sediment rating curves, cumulative transport
• Field measurement of sediment transport and guidance for different sampling approaches
• Use of 1-d flow and transport models: using HEC-RAS for evaluation of flow competence and sediment transport capacity
• Class project incorporating gravel augmentation into channel design for dynamic fish habitat

Principal Instructors:

Tyler Allred, Principal, Allred Restoration
Patrick Belmont, Professor,Watershed Science, Utah State University
Peter Wilcock (course director), Professor,Geography and Environmental Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
(at the time of the course, Professor and Head, Dept. of Watershed Sciences, Utah State University)

See our website for additional information:


2014 Western Division AFS abstracts are available at:  and click on Abstracts.


Winter Training Opportunities for Acoustic Tag &Hydroacoustic Assessments

Using Acoustic Tags to Track Fish
6-7 February 2014
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
At University of Washington School of Aquatic Fishery Sciences,Seattle,WA
This short course addresses all aspects of tracking fish movement with acoustic tags,including three-dimensional tracking with sub-meter resolution.  The course includes hands-on-operation and a variety of applications are covered.  Lunch is provided.  To reserve a seat or ask a question,email HTI at [email protected].
Tuition Rate Offer (50% discount) for university students,university staff,non-profit and tribal organizations.

Using Hydroacoustics for Fisheries Assessment
13-14 February 2014
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
At University of Washington School of Aquatic Fishery Sciences,Seattle,WA
The hydroacoustic short course covers mobile and fixed-location survey techniques,and subjects include basic hydroacoustic theory, deployment logistics, data collection and processing, as well as typical results.  Split-beam, single-beam, and multi-beam frequency techniques are discussed in detail.  Lunch is provided.  To reserve a seat or ask a question, email HTI at [email protected].
Tuition Rate Offer (50% discount) for university students, university staff, non-profit and tribal organizations.


Greetings UTAFS members,

Your UTAFS Excomm is currently arranging the 2014 meeting,which will be held in fabulous Price,UT. There are many things to do around the area including hiking,mountain biking,ice fishing (Scofield!),etc. We are currently working on two continuing education courses having to do with age/growth determination and also river restoration. We would entertain suggestions for a third course,especially if you have a potential instructor in mind. Your meeting theme for the next four years will be FISH! The meeting will be held March 11-13 with an optional networking field activity on Friday the 14th. More info to come on specifics.

We are currently accepting abstracts for the following sessions:

• Fisheries management and monitoring (both native and sportfish)
• Recovery program
• Stream restoration and aquatic habitat monitoring
• Aquatic invasive species
• Fish culture
• Poster session
• Beyond FISH! (this would be outreach,recruitment,motorboat access etc).

Please send your title/abstract to Jackie Watson ([email protected]).

We will be emphasizing student participation this year and as such will be holding an entire session solely for posters. We will also have a student session where students will be able to interact with a number of NGOs,agency professionals,consultants,etc. one-on-one regarding schooling,work experience,etc. All students will be invited. If you are interested in participating as a working professional,please contact Jackie.

Also,please remember to acknowledge your colleagues for their hard work and diligence this past year by nominating them for the following award categories:

• Award of Merit
• Lifetime Achievement Award
• Professional of the Year
• Habitat Conservationist of the Year
• Partner of the Year
• Leaky Boot Award

Please send your nominations to Natalie Boren ([email protected]).Check the UTAFS website for award criteria:

Finally,please remember that at the last chapter business meeting,your voting membership (UTAFS and AFS members) voted to increase UTAFS membership dues to $25. You should see this on the AFS website when you go to renew your parent society dues. You will also be able to pay this at the meeting,but we would prefer if you renewed through AFS so that we get full credit for all of our membership.

Check back to the website often over the next few months for updates,but if you have any questions in the meantime,don’t hesitate to contact your Excomm:

Drew Cushing
Jackie Watson
Calvin Black
Dr. Mark Belk
Natalie Boren
Dan Keller
Trina Hedrick

Also,please forward this to anyone that may be interested in attending the meetings. Professors,please forward to new students and agency folks,please forward to new biologists.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Price,



(9/23/13) Hello. The September 2013 issue (Volume 9-2) of the U.S. Fish &Wildlife Service (FWS) Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership (AADAP) Program Newsletter is now available.  This AADAP Newsletter contains information useful to those working in fish culture, fisheries management,or both.  I have attached the Newsletter in pdf format (16 pages;~1.5 MB) because,currently,we are not able to post documents to the AADAP website.  AADAP Newsletters published from 2004 through 2012 can be accessed in pdf format at

AADAP News_Sep 2013_final

(4/29/13) The Missouri Chapter and the Socioeconomics Section of the AFS sponsor the A. Stephen Weithman Best Student Paper Award in Socioeconomics. The award is presented for the best platform or poster paper presented by a student at the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting. Papers are judged on content,originality,organization,contribution to the field of fisheries science,and overall presentation of the study. The award winner receives $150 and an award certificate following the annual meeting. Click here for more information.

(4/14/13) MS graduate research assistantship opportunity  Trout predation by American white pelicans at Strawberry Reservoir.  Click here to view the position announcement.

(4/14/13) The “exploding” Utah chub population in Scofield Reservoir is under tight scrutiny.  Lisa Winters,a graduate researcher at Utah State University (USU) travels with UDWR and members of the USU Subunit of the American Fisheries Society for a sampling trip to determine if the stocking of cutthroat trout and tiger trout are helping decrease the population of Utah chub in the reservoir.  Students receive hands-on experience in field research and data collection as they record lengths,weights and extract stomach samples from the fish they catch.  The data gathered helps determine which fish species is coming out ahead –trout or chub.

To learn more about the USU UT-AFS Subunit,please visit their website at or check out their facebook page at

(2/13/13) Short course on mark-resight study design and data analysis May 7-10. Click the following links for a Flyer and Form for the course.


(2/13/13) USFW Rawlins WY Field Office,Fisheries Biologist Job Announcement.  This position works extensively with stream restoration projects,native fish habitat projects,BLM sensitive fish species habitat work and more.  With hundreds of miles of stream on BLM lands in Rawlins Field Office,as well as many stillwater fisheries with BLM involvement,there is no shortage of interesting projects and work to be done.


(1/25/13) The AFS Western Division  currently has project funding available for Division Chapters,Subunits,and other fisheries-related groups.  Grants are usually modest (a total of $6,600 is available for FY 2013) but can help get a project started or be used to complement other funding sources.  Applications must be received by the Western Division President no later than March 15,2013.  Click here for more information.


(1/25/13) The AFS Western Division is awarding travel grants to help students attend the 2013 annual meeting in Boise,Idaho,April 15-18. Applications must be completed and returned by February 22, 2013 to be considered. Click here for more information.


(1/25/13) Take a look at the video posted below. Dave Terre and his TPWD staff put this together featuring Alton Jones promoting Friends of Reservoirs. This should be a great resource for recruiting additional FOR members. We plan to use this video in our booth at the Bassmaster Classic. Kudos to Dave and his staff.  See the video here.


(1/25/13) UTAFS is now accepting nominations for annual awards.  Please think of deserving folks for these awards and write a nomination.  For more information click here.


(01/09/13) The AFS Western Division is pleased to announce that applications for its graduate-level student scholarships are now being solicited. This scholarship program provides up to $3,000 annually in scholarships to masters or doctoral students in the general area of fisheries science with one to three awards to individual students.  Scholarships are due no later than February 16,2013.  Click here for more details.


(11/25/12)  Winter Fisheries Training for Acoustic Tag & Hydroacoustic Assessments
Co-Hosted by HTI and the University of Washington (UW) Student Chapter of the American Fisheries Society at the UW School of Aquatic and Fishery Science. Click here for more details.


(11/03/12) Check out the EPA’s new How’s My Waterway App for smartphones and tablets.  With this app,you can find out about the health of a lake,river,or stream right while standing on the water’s edge.  Fact Sheet (PDF) and Q & A (PDF) are available for download.


(10/20/12)  Position announcement:  Director of Protected Resources,National Marine Fisheries Service.  Deadline for applications,December 3rd,2012.  Click here to download position announcement.


(10/20/12) Save the date!  Next year’s annual UTAFS Chapter Meeting will be held March 26-29,2013 in Bullfrog Utah on the shores of beautiful Lake Powell.  Continuing education 3/26,presentations 3/27 &3/28,and fundraiser fishing tournament 3/29.


(10/20/12) Cache Anglers (including members of UTAFS) win single fly competition on the Green River.  Click here for details.


(9/23/12)  AFS Fisheries Management Section is soliciting submissions for its October newsletter. This is a great opportunity to get the word out and get some great press for your project. It doesn’t have to be an award-winning, groundbreaking story either –any interesting fishy project will do. Topics might include fish management projects,regulation changes,management driven research or any similar projects that you feel deserves some recognition. Please submit your story to Geno Adams at [email protected] and Cory Sipher at [email protected]


(9/23/12) New online aquatic invertebrate key available from USU Water Quality Extension. Click here for more details.


(9/23/12)  Western Division Student Colloquium.  Tuscon Arizona,November 1-3,2012.  Click here for more details.


(8/12/12) Partnering with Beaver in Restoration Workshop.  October 22-24,2012,in Logan,Utah –Hosted by Intermountain Center for River Rehabilitation and Restoration.  Click here for more details.


(07/12/12) Learn more about the treatment and removal of non-native riparian woody vegetation  and the restoration of native riparian woody vegetation.   Come to the Escalante River Restoration workshop put on by the inter-agency National Riparian Service Team.  Click here (DOC) for the workshop flyer.


(04/13/12) UTAFS ProAm Tournament featured on KSL Outdoors with Adam Eakle –Click here to watch.


(04/13/12) See pictures from the Annual Chapter Meeting at Lake Powell!  Click here to check them out.


(04/12/12)  USU AFS Subunit Year End Social.  The end of the year social will be April 19 at Second Dam at 5:30 pm.  The social will be BBQ’ing and a good time.  Don’t forget to bring a fishing pole if you want to toss a line in.  Officer elections will also be taking place. Contact Wes Gordon ([email protected]) for more information.


(04/12/12) Short course:design and analysis of mark-resight studies with focus on using Program MARK. Utah State University. May 8-11,2012. Click here (DOC) for details.


(04/6/12)  Utah State University’s Intermountain Center for River Rehabilitation and Restoration is offering three workshops this summer for students interested in fluvial geomorphology and the restoration of streams and rivers. These three- to five-day espresso courses will be taught in Logan, Utah in May,August and October on specific topics ranging from restoration design to monitoring and analysis. Click here for more information.

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