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Revised FEBRUARY 2015


  1. The name of this organization shall be the Utah Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, hereinafter referred to as the Chapter.
  2. The objectives of the Chapter shall be those of the American Fisheries Society, herein after referred to as the Society, as set forth in Article I of the Constitution, and promoting the conservation, development and wise utilization of the aquatic resources.



  1. The membership of the Chapter shall be composed of those active members in good standing who reside in the State of Utah or in other states or countries requesting Chapter membership.
  2. Persons shall become Chapter members upon payment of annual dues. Failure to pay dues shall automatically cancel membership in the Chapter.
  3. Only members in good standing with the Society and Chapter may vote on Chapter business, chair a Chapter committee or hold elected office.
  4. Members of Student Subunit(s) shall be recognized as members of the Chapter.



  1. The Chapter shall hold at least one meeting annually at a time and place designated by the Executive Committee. The purpose of the meeting will be to conduct Chapter business and to present and discuss scientific papers. Additional Chapter functions may be held as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee. The purpose of additional Chapter functions may be for special training, field tours, social activities, fundraising or to conduct minor Chapter business. Roberts’ Rules of Order shall govern conduct of all meetings of the Chapter unless otherwise specified in the Society Constitution and Rules or Chapter Bylaws.



  1. The Executive Committee of the Chapter shall consist of President, President-Elect, Vice
  2. President, Secretary-Treasurer, Past President, Student Subunit President, a  Resolutions/Bylaws Officer and a Nominations/Membership Officer.
  3. Officers, excluding Subunit President(s), shall be elected by email ballot or by ballot cast during registration at the annual Chapter meeting. Ballots will be counted prior to the annual Chapter business meeting.
  4. All officers must be a member in good standing of both the Chapter and the Society. Newly elected officers will be adjunct members of the Executive Committee until they assume their duties on the first day of August in the year elected. The terms of all officers shall be one year, with the exception of the Secretary Treasurer, which is two years. If an elected officer cannot fulfill or complete the term of office, the Executive Committee is authorized to appoint a replacement until an election is held.



  1. The Executive Committee is authorized to act for the Chapter between meetings and to perform appropriate duties and functions. A quorum for an Executive Committee meeting shall consist of 4 of the 7 elected officers. The Executive Committee members can appoint a proxy to serve in their absence.

The specific duties of Executive Committee members are as follows:

  1. The President of the Chapter shall preside over all Chapter and Executive Committee meetings; represent the Chapter to the Western Division and to the Society; and make committee appointments, and perform other duties as authorized.
  1. The Immediate Past President shall act as Co-Chairperson of the Sponsorship Committee, Scholarship Committee, and perform other duties as assigned.
  1. The President-Elect shall be responsible for arranging the annual Chapter meeting and shall be responsible for the publication of the proceedings if deemed warranted by the Chapter membership. The President-Elect shall assume the duties of the President in the event of his or her absence or inability to act. The President-Elect shall succeed to the office of President.
  1. The Vice President shall function as liaison between standing and special committees and the Executive Committee. The Vice President shall also serve as the fundraising chairman for the annual Chapter meeting. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President-Elect in the event of his or her absence or inability to act, and perform other duties as assigned by the President. The Vice President shall succeed to the office of President-Elect.
  1. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep the official records of the Chapter; submit a copy of the minutes of the annual business meeting to the Executive Director of the Society and Secretary-Treasurer of the Western Division within 30 days after said meeting; collect and be custodian of registration fees and other Chapter funds; disburse funds as may be authorized and necessary; and shall submit a record of receipts and disbursements at the annual technical Chapter meeting.
  1. The Nominations/Membership Officer shall be responsible for naming a slate of candidates for Chapter officers.
  1. The Resolutions/Bylaws Officer shall be responsible for resolutions and bylaws of the Chapter. Upon completing the first year term of Resolutions/Bylaws Officer, this person will succeed to Nominations/Membership Officer for the second year of the term.



  1. Committees and Chairs of committees, except as listed in Section 5 of these Bylaws, shall be appointed and charged by the President. Except for Standing Committees, Chapter committees shall cease to function upon the discharge of the duties for which they were appointed or with the end of the term of the appointing officer.
  2. Standing Committees help the President and the Executive Committee conduct the Chapter’s affairs, and the chairs should report their committees’ activities, findings, and recommendations at Chapter meetings and interim meetings of the Executive Committee. The Chapter has established the following Standing Committees:
    1. Scholarship Committee: Members are responsible for accepting and reviewing scholarship applications.
    2. Sponsorship Committee: Members are responsible for soliciting sponsorship for the annual meeting.
  3. Chairpersons of committees will be appointed by the President. The terms of office for the Chairperson and members of committees shall end upon the discharge of their duties.
  4. Special Committees may be created by the Chapter Executive Committee for a specific purpose and are to be dissolved when no longer needed. E.g. awards, chapter advocacy/policy, etc.



Voting may take place at meetings or through electronic media. Decisions of the Chapter shall be by a simple majority of those choosing to vote that are both Chapter members and Society members except as noted in Section 9. A quorum for the transaction of official business shall be at least one-quarter (1/4) or more of members in good standing.



  1. Due to geographical distances within the area served by the Chapter and in order to make

Society activities available to the students within the State of Utah, local subunits may be established following the Society’s Constitution and Rules. Subunits must submit a report of activities to the Chapter at the annual meeting. Resolutions generated by the subunits must secure approval from the Chapter Executive Committee before public release.



  1. The Bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 majority of members in good standing choosing to vote, provided that the proposed amendment(s) are circulated in writing to the membership at least 30 days prior to voting.
  2. In accordance with the Society Constitution, prior to Chapter membership vote, proposed amendment shall be reviewed by the Society’s Constitutional Consultant for conformity with the Constitution, Rules and Procedures of the Society. The Constitutional Consultant presents the adopted amendment to the Society Governing Board for approval.
  3. Amendments take effect when the Unit receives written notice of their approval by the Governing Board from the Executive Director.



  1. The chapter’s fiscal year shall start August 1 and end July 31 of the following year.
  2. The Executive Committee shall develop an annual budget, which will identify a sufficient minimum balance at the end of the fiscal year to conduct the upcoming annual meeting(s).
  3. Current accounting of all funds shall be kept by the Chapter Secretary-Treasurer.
  4. The Chapter Executive Committee can approve budget requests above and beyond travel reimbursements (Section 10 G) or annual meeting related costs (Section 10 E) up to $500 without a vote of the membership.
  5. The Chapter Executive Committee can approve expenditures related to the annual Chapter business and technical meeting, as well as any fishery-related workshops. Income is expected from these meetings and workshops, sufficient to meet or exceed expenses.
  6. The Student Subunit(s) within the State of Utah may be awarded funds annually from the Chapter for student activities related to the mission of the Society and for student travel to Chapter meetings. The amount awarded is to be left to the discretion of the Chapter Executive Committee.
  7. The Chapter will fund travel expenses and meeting registration costs for a Chapter Executive Committee member to attend the Western Division annual meeting and mid-year business meeting, representing the Chapter on the Division Executive Committee. The Chapter Executive Committee, at their discretion by simple majority vote, may fund travel expenses of one Executive Committee member attending the Society annual meeting.
  8. Annual dues of the Chapter will be levied on members. The Executive Committee may assess each registrant attending annual meetings of the Chapter a registration fee necessary to cover the cost of the meetings and Chapter activities. Collections shall be made by the Secretary-Treasurer and deposited in the Chapter bank account for disbursement in accordance to Section 5 of these Bylaws.
  9. It is the discretion of the Executive Committee to waive registration fees for certain annual meeting participants; e.g., student volunteers, guest speakers, special guests.