Fisheries Magazine – December 2015

Highlights of Fisheries Magazine – December 2015

In this Issue:


The Presidents Column-The Big AFS Tent
by Ron Essig, AFS President

Otoliths: The Gift That Keeps on Giving New data
by Sarah Harrison

Lessons from the Greater Sage Grouse and Oregon Chub
Thomas E. Bigford

A novel Technique for Spawning Channel Catfish Based on new Understanding of Both Physiology and Genetics
Quiniou, S. M. A., B. Bosworth, N. Chatakondi, and D. Oberle

Phenology;  One of the Least Known Consequences of Climate Change
Peer, A. C., and T. J. Miller

Experiments Reveal Cross-Class Transmission of Ranaviruses
Brenes, R., D. L. Miller, T. B. Waltzek, R. P. Wilkes, J. L. Tucker, J. C. Chaney, R. H. Hardman, M. D. Brand, R. R. Huether, and M. J. Gray

A Simple Web-Based Tool to Compare Freshwater Fish Data Collected Using AFS Standard Methods
Scott A. Bonar, Norman Mercada-Silva, matt Rahr, Yuta T. Torrey, And Averill Cate, Jr.

• Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis:  A new Tool for Assessing Fish Condition
Kyle J. Hartman, F Joesph margraf, Andrew W. Hafs, and M. keith Cox
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Q&A: The Present and the Future of World and U.S. Fisheries: Interview with Daniel Pauly
Arnaud Grüss





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